Armourer's Scrap

Armourer's Scrap

What is it? Use Armourer's Scraps to increase the quality of an armour piece, increasing the amount of defenses it gives.

Armourer's Scrap price

~500 Armourer's Scraps = 1 Chaos OrbChaos Orb

Check the current market price Make sure to search in your league to get the right price.

  • You can sell an armour piece (Body Armour, Helm, Shield etc) with 20% quality to an NPC to get 1 Armourer's Scrap. You can also sell several items with total quality of at least 40% to get one. This is likely never worth it though, as Armourer's Scraps are basically worthless.
  • You can buy 1 Armourer's Scraps from an NPC for 1 Blacksmith's WhetstoneBlacksmith's Whetstone. Note that whetstones are actually a bit more valuable.
  • By the end game these will be so common loot drops, that you will find more than you will ever need
  • Armourer's Scraps are very cheap, so use them as you like, although you possibly won't have enough of them to use on every item while leveling.
  • You can increase the quality of an armour piece to up to 20%. Quality only increases the Armour, Evasion Rating and Energy Shield of an item - or the stat that is above the first line in the description. Armour Quality
  • Since quality only gives a small increase in the item's defenses, you should not worry about it at first. It is in the end game that you will want to get as many small incremental buffs as you can, and then you will add quality to all of your gear.
  • One Armourer's Scrap adds 1% quality to a Rare or Unique item, 2% quality to a Magic item, and 5% quality to a Normal rarity item. So if you are crafting something, it is most efficient to add quality before you turn the item into a higher rarity.