Divine Orb

Divine Orb

What is it? Use a Divine Orb to randomize the numeric values of the random modifiers on an item.

Divine Orb price

1 Divine Orb = ~15 Chaos OrbChaos Orbs

Check the current market price Make sure to search in your league to get the right price.

  • Divine orbs are very rare drops from anywhere.
  • Most common way to get Divine Orbs is to sell useless six-linked items to a vendor. Corrupting an item can make it six-linked, but since it is corrupted, it cannot be changed any more. So if its mods are useless, it can still be sold to a vendor for 1 Divine Orb.
  • There are several ways in the game to get large amounts of corrupted items, which can make you money for the reason mentioned above - the chance of getting six linked items, which, even if not useful, can be traded for Divine Orbs.
  • Divine orbs are expensive and used in the endgame
  • Mod Values Divine Orbs are most commonly used to try to get higher rolls for Unique items.
  • For some Unique items the ranges for mod values are very large, so having good rolls can make a huge difference.
  • Rare items have tiers for mods. For example, having "+5 maximum life" on a helmet means the mod is the first tier, with the number between 3-9. Using a Divine Orb on that item would only randomize it between 3-9.
  • You can see the mod ranges on an item, if you turn on "Advanced Mod Descriptions" in the game settings, and press Alt while hovering the mouse above the item.
  • See also - Blessed OrbBlessed Orb which is used to randomize the values of implicit mods on items.