Orb of Annulment

Orb of Annulment

What is it? Use an Orb of Annulment to remove a random modifier from a Magic or Rare item.

Orb of Annulment price

1 Orb of Annulment = ~10 Chaos OrbChaos Orbs

Check the current market price Make sure to search in your league to get the right price.

  • Orbs of Annulment are very rare drops from anywhere.
  • Possibly you will get an Orb of Annulment from its shards before you see one drop. You can combine 20 Annulment Shards to get one orb. The shards drop from Harbingers, who are special monsters in some areas of the game.
  • Orbs of Annulment are very rare and valuable.
  • If you have an item that has some good/valuable mods, but also one useless mod, the useless one can be removed with an Orb of AnnulmentOrb of Annulment, thus opening up space for a better mod and increasing the item's worth.