Orb of Scouring

Orb of Scouring

What is it? Use an Orb of Scouring to remove all modifiers from an item

Orb of Scouring price

~2 Orbs of Scouring = 1 Chaos OrbChaos Orb

Check the current market price Make sure to search in your league to get the right price.

  • You can buy an Orb of Scouring from an NPC for 4 Orb of ChanceOrbs of Chance. This might not always be an optimal trade compared to the market rate, but it often is.
  • Orbs of Scouring are quite valuable and most useful in the end game.
  • If you sell a gem to an NPC along with an Orb of Scouring, its gem level will be reduced by one. Useful if you accidentally level up a gem too much and can't use it any more.
  • There are many reasons you might want to turn a Magic or Rare item back to Normal. Some orbs or other items can only be used on Normal items for example, so you scour them first.
  • Using an Orb of Scouring and then an Orb of AlchemyOrb of Alchemy gives the same result as using a Chaos OrbChaos Orb