Regal Orb

Regal Orb

What is it? Use a Regal Orb to upgrade a Magic item to Rare

Regal Orb price

~8 Regal Orbs = 1 Chaos OrbChaos Orb

Check the current market price Make sure to search in your league to get the right price.

  • You can get Regal Orbs by vendoring a full set of rare items with item level 75 or above to an NPC. A full set consists of weapons/shield, two rings, an amulet, gloves, boots, helm, body armor and a belt. You can check the item level of an item for this by hovering over the item while holding the Alt key.
  • If you sell an unidentified set of items as described above, you get two Regal Orbs, if any of the items is identified, you get one Regal Orb.
  • That recipe is not worth doing unless you really need a Regal Orb though, if one of the items you use is item level 74 or lower, you will get Chaos Orbs, which are way better.
  • Regal Orbs used to be as expensive as a Chaos Orb, but have gotten cheap in the past few leagues. You might want to check the price before you waste them, but likely you won't have to think much about using them.
  • Regal Orbs are sometimes used on jewels - if you have a good Magic jewel and want to make it even better, then use a Regal Orb on it to add another mod.
  • One way of end game crafting involves rolling a good Magic item with Orb of AlterationOrbs of Alteration and then turning the item Rare with a Regal Orb. After that additional mods can be added on the crafting bench or by using Exalted OrbExalted Orbs